Groupon, Living Social, and Studio Vouchers

It's an all hands on experience.

The Introductory to glassblowing, offered through Groupon, is a 2 HOUR SESSION. An Austin based glass artist takes the group through a few basic safety pointers and away you go. Your given solid glass rods, a flame of 2500 degrees, and instruction to help you create a sculpted flower.  You take home your creation at the end of your two hour session.

Expectations and Limitations

The vouchers sold by Groupon and Living Social are held primarily on Saturday and Sundays and are by appointment only. Do to the popularity of these vouchers we schedule, "first come first served_".  The classes are usually 6 people and are scheduled back to back, so our time management is pretty tight. If you are going to be :15 minutes late please reschedule*.  This is done so the participating parties have their full 2 hour experience. Spectators as well as children under the age of 12 are not permitted to participate.


         " If I buy 5 vouchers from Groupon or Living social, can I schedule our group?" 

* since we schedule, "first come first served", it is only guaranteed for two.  We can schedule your group but it would depend on the next available schedule." 

"I have sent multiple inquiries and have not heard anything about scheduling, should I call?"

** Rest assured that all inquiries are answered in the order received. With respects to expiring vouchers, if you email us before the expiration to make arrangements we will honor it past the expiration date. Calling the studio is sometimes not a good idea when it comes to scheduling.

"I bought a voucher and want to schedule for tomorrow can I just walk in?" 

*** Our Introduction to Glassblowing is very popular and is scheduling 3 to 5 weeks past the date of inquiry.  We do not accept walk-ins as we are a private studio, so please schedule and get confirmation before coming in.

" How do I redeem my voucher?"

**** Scroll down to the,' MAKE AN APPOINTMENT'

Once there fill out,' Contact us for the most current schedule of events?'

When complete select,' SEND'.

We will contact you  a.s.a.p.( immediate email response from us does not gaurentee next day booking) 

" My voucher is expiring and i need to schedule but no one answers and I haven't received an email?"

***** As long as you have contacted us via WEB Page prior to your expiration date we will be able to get you through with no up-charge. 

My Voucher is expiring / expired

Groupon and Living Social have a shelf life of 90 days from the date of purchase. If your voucher is close to expiration please contact us to schedule a visit.  If the voucher is left to expire you can still use the voucher towards the actual cost of the class.


Sign up hear to be a part of a growing Austin experience and stay informed on all our Seasonal events.


Contact us for the most current schedule of events?


To schedule an appointment for your voucher you need to contact us via the,' Contact  us for', section.  We look forward to scheduling your visit with us.

Green Devil Glass Studios *Not a web site

5005 commercial park dr, 103, austin, TX 78724, US



By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment

Our PRIVATE STUDIO is not open to the public in respect to our renting artists.  We do make the facility available to Groupon and Living Social on a scheduled basis for Saturdays @ 11am, 2pm, and 5 pm or Sundays @ 11 am and 2pm.  'DATES AND TIMES FOR VOUCHER PATRONS ARE SUBJECT TO SEASONAL SCHEDULE ADJUSTMENTS AND CHANGE.'